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Marketing yourself

17th September 2017

In an increasingly competitive job market how do you make yourself stand out to your future employer? There are several marketing techniques that you can apply just as equally to marketing a company or a product that can be used to promote you and your …

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In an increased push to see Return on Investment for your marketing activity many companies focus their activity purely on their customer markets. However by creating advocates for your product or service these can be an effective sales force and brand reinforcement for both existing and potential customers.

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LinkedIn has had another update and rolled out the use of posts to all users so do you know when to use a status update, what is the difference from a post?  It can be confusing to many users.

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Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning may sound like marketing jargon but it is about understanding who your customers are, how they make their decisions, who makes the decision to purchase, and how to best answer their needs.  This is important to break up your potential customer base which enables you to give focus to your marketing efforts. You can then target particular industry sectors, locations, with messages that are more tailored to their needs and so improve interest and convert them to want to buy your product or service. 

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Trade shows or exhibitions are popular sales opportunities for technical businesses, and provide a great example of how effective marketing can complement your sales effort and help you to win more business. They also provide a great example of how ‘sales’ without ‘marketing’ can be a waste of your precious money.

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All too often, marketing is that thing companies do when they suddenly realise they haven’t got enough work in to keep everyone busy. Even if you’re a manufacturer and production is in full flow, or you operate in a service sector and your staff are working flat out with clients, you should still be putting time and effort into your marketing strategy.

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Getting the right fit

25th October 2014

How Should You Choose Your Marketing Company? It’s something you need to get right, or you are wasting your money. Here are a few points to consider when choosing a marketing company that’s the best fit for your business and understands your customers.

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You need a strategy

25th September 2014

So what is it you do in marketing? A common question I regularly find myself answering… Marketing means so many things to different people and so often, all people see is the most obvious public face of marketing – the events, the PR and the business awards!

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