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Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning, must always be in line with the overall business objectives taking into account for example goals for growth, budget for marketing activity, production capabilities.

As part of your marketing strategy you will have identified Who you are targeting, How that market looks and the differences in it, How you will position yourself to those different customers.  The next step is to plan your marketing communication activity identifying the right channels and messages for those channels.  These could be exhibitions, online, through social media, trade press etc. 

Once you have identified your plan ensure you have measures in place to monitor your campaign success and complete the feedback loop in amending any future campaigns.  CQ can provide training and coaching to your teams for you to prepare your marketing plan or work with you to prepare a plan for your implementation.

If you developing your marketing plan with campaign themes across a range of communication channels, remember to stay realistic when looking at frequency of communication think also about how much you have to say and whether you have the resource to staff it either inside the company or outside consultants for specialist elements. 

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