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CQ's client base is mainly engineering, manufacturing or professional services businesses in the South and West Yorkshire areas.

We provide work experience placements of up to 2 weeks in conjunction with the Summer Academy programme run by The work-wise Foundation for 14 to 16 year olds during the school summer holidays.

Placements will include:

  • 2 day employability skills induction;
  • 8 days work experience;
  • Graduation ceremony;
  • Certificate of completion;
  • Guarantee of job interviews with work-wise employers.

Work experience with CQ will be based at least 50% of the time out at clients with the Managing Director, Jackie Cook.  CQ's client base is mainly engineering, manufacturing or professional services businesses in the South and West Yorkshire areas.  This will give you opportunity to:

  • Attend business meetings;
  • Conduct desk market research;
  • Develop a target database of contacts;
  • Schedule social media activity for both CQ and their clients;
  • Work on marketing material and campaigns for CQ and their clients.
Quote from Greg Welsh, 15 from St Mary's High School in Chesterfield who did work experience in summer 2015 with CQ:

These experiences have enhanced my skills in many fields such as understanding marketing through social media and also my ability to suggest my opinion in formal business situations

Quote from William Allender, 15 from Bradfield School who did work experience in August 2017 with CQ as part of the Cutlers' Ambassadors programme:

I've understood what is takes to manage and grow your own business and learnt many valuable skills which will be useful in later life. This experience has opened my eyes to what it is like to operate in a working environment and has given me a wider understanding of the marketing sector. This experience was extremely beneficial and will be most helpful in preparing me for the world of work.

Quote from Jennie Grice, 15 from Sheffield Springs Academy who did work experience in August 2016 with CQ as part of work-wise Foundation Summer Academy:

Working with CQ Strategic Marketing for five days showed me how the real world and the world of work is, and has taught me many things, one being time management and making sure I’m organised for the big day ahead.

Quote from Charlie Greed, 19 from Rotherham College who did work experience in January 2018:

I expected work experience to be boring just like those other times my teachers sent me out on placement but this

time it was actually fun, exciting and learnt a lot from it. ... spending the week on work experience with Jackie had opened my eyes up to the real world. That there are so many opportunities and that there aren't just one but many other routes such as CIM to take me down my career path into business.

Quote from Chloe Ireland, 18 a first year marketing student from Sheffield Hallam University who did work experience in March 2016:

This experience has given me a wider understanding of the marketing industry and has taught me many valuable skills in aspects such as managing marketing though social media, the development of brand guidelines, and putting together target databases. Not only this but by spending the week with Jackie, I have seen partly what it takes to manage a growing business

Contact John Barber at The work-wise Foundation on [email protected] to find out more.

Our MD, Jackie Cook is a registered STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Ambassador and participates in a number of STEM events throughout the year.

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Research Projects

We regularly work with Sheffield Hallam University and others on research projects both for CQ and for our clients.

If you have a consultancy project that you would like considering please contact Jackie on [email protected] or 01709 430491

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