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Marketing strategy

Before you start with your marketing strategy, you need to be clear about your overall business strategy, values and goals.

Strategic Planning

  • Concerned with overall, long term organisation objectives
  • Provides the long-term framework for the organisation
  • Overall orientation needed to match the organisation to its environment
  • Goals and strategies are evaluated from an overall perspective
  • Relevance of goals and strategies is only evident in the long term

Marketing planning

  • Concerned with day-to-day performance and results
  • Represents only one stage in the organisation’s development
  • Functional and professional orientations tend to predominate
  • Goals are subdivided into specific targets
  • Relevance of goals and strategies is immediately evident
Marketing strategy helps you identify what you are selling, to who, how and how you are going to communicate with your potential customers. It will be affected by outside influences of competitors and fluctuating market forces.

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