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CQ Strategic Marketing Services

Our strategic approach tailored to suit your specific needs

For marketing strategy, planning and practical support

CQ offers a full range of marketing services tailored to suit your business needs; this can be at a strategic board level, developing your marketing plans in line with the overall business strategy whilst understanding the needs of your marketplace.

Alternatively, CQ can be another pair of hands, offering practical support, for example helping develop your branding across all media, including business cards, websites and at events. As with all marketing, the important issue is ensuring that the business is targeting what it needs at that point in time, and that it continues to develop over the life of the business.

CQ can work with your existing marketing department to provide extra support, or be your outsourced marketing department, and can be either on a one-off or ongoing basis.

Do your customers know how your product or service can help?

We are experienced in professional communications and are dedicated to strengthening your company’s brand.  CQ provide solutions to your marketing challenges, increasing your company’s presence in your industry sector.

We have over 50 years combined experience working with SME businesses, primarily in the Yorkshire area.  CQ have worked primarily in business to business (B2B) and services marketing with a particular specialism in the manufacturing sector.

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Full marketing strategy and support

CQ’s marketing services include the full range of marketing activity, we regularly advise on and work with our clients to develop:

  • Business plans
  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Marketing actions plans

CQ can advise you on:

  • Understanding your market
    • Using market research, analysis of your customer database, your internal knowledge, media monitoring and more;
  • Identify your marketing strategy
    • Setting of marketing objectives in line with your overall business objectives;
  • Prepare you marketing plan
    • Setting of the action plan including budget with suitable control measures and reporting of success;
  • Implement your marketing action plans
    • Carry out your marketing activity acting as your outsourced marketing department;
  • Report and evaluate results
    • Providing regular analysis of campaigns, website statistics, and many more with feedback on success;
  • Take corrective action
    • Analysising success of campaigns, continually adapting to business and market changes;

Full marketing strategy and support

Before you start with your marketing strategy, you need to be clear about your overall business strategy, values and goals.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

understanding who your customers are, how they make their decisions, who makes the decision to purchase, and how to best answer their needs.

Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning, must always be in line with the overall business objectives taking into account for example goals for growth, budget for marketing activity, production capabilities.

Practical Marketing Support

CQ can offer campaign planning and/or project management.

Reporting and Evaluation

After your campaigns it is important to ensure you report and evaluate success and use your results to adjust your future campaigns accordingly.

Marketing Processes

Our approach to marketing is to ensure that it is set in context of the rest of the business and the marketplace in which the business operates.