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Month: March 2018

CQ Strategic Marketing continues support for Guide Dogs for the Blind

Having recently completed sponsoring a Guide Dog named Fifi for two years, CQ Strategic Marketing is proud to announce that Fifi has completed her training and has been matched up with her new owner John. She has settled in to her new home brilliantly and John is now able to go on holiday – something that prior to Fifi’s arrival was not possible. John says that she has become ‘a big part of our family’ and that she brings them ‘so much happiness’. Fifi has allowed her new owner to enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else, something that the Guide Dog charity is passionate about.


Jackie Cook, Managing Director of CQ Strategic Marketing said  “We are delighted that the dog we have sponsored has made such an amazing change to someone’s life and are looking forward to continuing our support of the charity.”


The importance of helpful and charitable actions is recognised and is considered to be a priority within CQ Strategic Marketing. Because of this, they have decided to sponsor another puppy in the hope that it will help someone with sight loss, the same way that Fifi did.


The new puppy Alfie, is described as ‘happy and confident’ making the trainers convinced that he will be suited for the job. He is a playful and friendly dog who is very well-behaved and responds well to commands such as ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stand’.   CQ Strategic Marketing look forward to tracking Alfie’s progress and hope that by sponsoring him, he will be able to make another amazing difference to someone’s life.