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CQ Strategic Marketing hosts Cutlers’ Ambassador on work experience

During August 2017, William Allender, 15, from Bradfield School completed six days of work with CQ Strategic Marketing. William’s work experience was part of the Cutlers’ Ambassadors programme run by The work-wise Foundation, which gives 13-16 year olds work experience during the summer holidays. William accompanied Jackie Cook to four client premises including Rollem in Tankersley, Barnsley, LBBC Group of companies in Stanningley, Leeds, Red Dog Lining in Barnsley and Newburgh Precision in Rotherham.

Whilst working with CQ Strategic Marketing, William has been involved in scheduling regular social media content for various clients. He has also worked on three news articles where he has written about his experience with the Cutlers’ Ambassadors and Summer Academy programme and the skills he has learnt on work experience. He has then worked on the work-wise website where he edited the page and inserted his two articles under the news category. He has the worked with Red Dog Linings, helping conduct market research to identify the correct contact with the target organisation.

William said  “I’ve understood what is takes to manage and grow your own business and learnt many valuable skills which will be useful in later life. This experience has opened my eyes to what it is like to operate in a working environment and has given me a wider understanding of the marketing sector. This experience was extremely beneficial and will be most helpful in preparing me for the world of work.”

Jackie Cook, Managing Director said “William has assisted in updating client social media accounts, updated ours and a clients’ website with additional content. He has assisted in preparing press releases for Summer Academy and work experience programs and has undertaken market research for one of the clients.  He has attended and contributed to business meetings in a professional, respectful and appropriate manner. William has shown initiative, good timekeeping skills and has followed instructions extremely well, picking things up quickly and asking questions where appropriate. He has got on well in our small team and with our clients and contacts.” 

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