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Business continuity planning must be the topic of the day!

As a marketer we are continually looking at our (and those of our clients) target market to adapt the products and services we offer. At a time when the world we operate in is constantly changing communication will be key to keeping employees, customers, potential customers and stakeholders informed.

With many business owners looking at how to keep their business running with potentially staff out of the business, travel restrictions, tradeshows and many networking events being postponed businesses will need to increasingly look at digital marketing as a means of keeping communication channels open.

Some of the things that businesses are having to consider at the moment, include:

  • Establishing remote access to files and systems
  • Ensuring phone lines can be answered remotely or diverted
  • Keeping communication lines between internal teams
  • Communicating changes in how they will be delivering their product or service to their customers
  • Managing crisis communications with the media
  • Moving to online product ordering or service delivery
  • Access to supply chains – movement of goods and availability of service delivery providers

We are already talking to our clients about plans to keep communicating with their internal teams and their external markets including key messages, social media activity, email campaigns, moving their IT to the cloud with remote access, diverting telephone lines, developing online shops or service provision.

If you need to discuss your marketing strategy, planning, communications and digital solutions give us a call, we would be happy to help.