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  • My name is Charlie Creed, I am 19 years old, and I’m currently studying level 3 business at Rotherham College of Arts & Technology. I have come on work experience with Jackie Cook who is the owner CQ Strategic Marketing so that I can gain some knowledge and have the feel of what it is like in the world of work and in a work place environment. I expected work experience to be boring just like those other times my teachers sent me out on placement but this time it was actually fun, exciting and learnt a lot from it.

    This week on work experience had been great. I got to visit manufacturing companies such as Rollem, LBBC Technologies, Red Dog Linings, Newburgh Precision which are CQ’s clients and learnt about what they manufacture, how each of the businesses operates differently to each other. I also got to meet some of the Managing Director’s that told me their story about how they got to where they are today and I now know that with hard work that it is possible to become a business owner.

    Jackie took me to University of Huddersfield to a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) event about business, the speakers taught me about how they got into starting up their own business, CIM qualifications and gave me advice on how to make a CV that stands out to get the employer to notice you.

    Before I finish college, I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing next year and at first I thought spending the week on work experience was a waste because how was that going to help me decide what I was going to do next year. But spending the week on work experience with Jackie had opened my eyes up to the real world. That there are so many opportunities and that there aren’t just one but many other routes such as CIM to take me down my career path into business.

    She had also taught me what it’s like to operate in a working environment and that it takes time, dedication, confidence and hard work. I learnt very valuable skills and knowledge which gave me a better understanding of business which I probably wouldn’t have learnt in college. This week was worth it because of how much knowledge I gained but it also gave me a lot to think about and helped me to decide what I am wanting to do next year.

    by Rotherham College Student – my work experience

  • CQ Strategic Marketing has achieved 5 years in business along with an office move into Moorgate Crofts Business Centre in Rotherham and with continued year on year growth.

    Managing Director, Jackie Cook started CQ Strategic Marketing 5 years ago having identified a need to provide in-house marketing support for SME manufacturing companies in the South and West Yorkshire market.

    Jackie said “I’m incredibly proud of CQ and what we have achieved in the last 5 ½ years, I work with a dedicated team of associates to provide a proactive service to our clients.  We have built a strong client base and look forward to continued growth in the coming years.”

    Jackie has over 10 years’ marketing experience in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Jackie who is a firm believer in continuous professional development is a Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the CIM and has been a Mentor on their Mentor Scheme for over 2 years now, providing career advice and support to those in the early stages of their marketing careers.

    “I have had great support and advice from my network of business contacts throughout the region over the years which is why I am keen to give something back to others.” Jackie continued “I’ve been a STEM Ambassador for a number of years now, I am a supporter of The work-wise Foundation and Get up to Speed committee member, helping promote careers in engineering and manufacturing is something I am passionate about supporting. We also provide regular work experience placements through The work-wise Foundation’s Summer Academy, Sheffield Hallam University and we have a student from Rotherham College with us this week.”

    Shane Young, Membership Manager, from Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce presented Jackie with a certificate at her new premises.

    Shane said “I’m delighted that CQ Strategic Marketing have achieved five years in business. This is a fantastic milestone for any business. Jackie works extremely hard and has built up a very strong network of client, associates and connections. Jackie’s passion transfers across to the people she meets and her hard work and determination is infectious. I wish CQ Strategic Marketing all the best going forward, and I’m glad the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce can play a part in the company’s growth. Here’s to the next five years!”

    by Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber help CQ Strategic Marketing celebrate 5 years in business

  • CQ Strategic Marketing is delighted to have joined the Rotherham Pioneers programme.  The programme, launched by a group of local businesses in early 2017 aims to promote the town, whilst changing perceptions both nationally and internationally and growing business in the area.  Companies who choose to sign up to the Pioneers programme will be able to take part in some great   networking events and have a chance to hear about new developments in the town and about new business opportunities.

    Jackie Cook, Founder and Managing Director said, “Following our recent office move to Rotherham to relocate us closer to our mainly engineering and manufacturing client base, we are pleased to join Rotherham Pioneers and look forward to working with other local businesses to help promote Rotherham as a centre for business.”

    Newly appointed place manager at RIDO, Jackie Freeborn, commented, “I am delighted that CQ Strategic Marketing has become a Rotherham Pioneer coinciding with their recent move into Moorgate Crofts – a clear demonstration that Rotherham is a great place to grow business. The Pioneer programme is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to collaborate to bring positivity and greater prosperity. We look forward to working with Jackie and thank her for the commitment.”

    For more information on the Pioneer programme please visit http://www.rotherhampioneers.co.uk

    by CQ Strategic Marketing joins Rotherham Pioneers

  • In an increasingly competitive job market how do you make yourself stand out to your future employer?

    There are several marketing techniques that you can apply just as equally to marketing a company or a product that can be used to promote you and your skills.

    A few thoughts on researching your chosen career:

    • Read books on theory and practice to top up your knowledge or research a change of role
    • Look at relevant professional bodies, membership of a professional body shows commitment to your career and continuous professional development, they also hold a lot of information to help you in your career and hold regular networking events
    • Find out what are the recognised qualifications for that job role
    • Get a subscription to online and print trade magazines so you are up to date with what is happening
    • Book to go to networking events that the types of businesses you want to work for will be attending
    • Research job vacancies, look at job specs what are employers looking for in skills and qualifications, identify the gaps in your knowledge and work out how you can fill them
    • Think about volunteering, committees for relevant charities/organisations to gain experience

    Showcasing your talent, making yourself stand out:

    • CV, bring your relevant experience and qualifications to the front
    • CV, format of the document, make it easy to read but maybe style the document to suit your ideal job so event programme for event management, set of accounts for accountant, marketing brochure, legal document, engineering drawing etc
    • Testimonials and references from former employers and colleagues to highlight the skills needed in that job role, get a to whom it may concern letter so you have it to show your future employer or client
    • Develop a portfolio of examples of work that you have done, to write case studies remember what was the problem, how did you solve it, what was the outcome, quote from the person you did the work for, pictures to break up the text
    • Use of video, particularly for more creative careers or where people skills and personality is important make a little video to use on your LinkedIn profile or send a dvd/usb stick to your prospective employer with your cv and portfolio

    For further information or advice please contact [email protected] or 01709 430491

    by Marketing yourself

  • During August 2017, William Allender, 15, from Bradfield School completed six days of work with CQ Strategic Marketing. William’s work experience was part of the Cutlers’ Ambassadors programme run by The work-wise Foundation, which gives 13-16 year olds work experience during the summer holidays. William accompanied Jackie Cook to four client premises including Rollem in Tankersley, Barnsley, LBBC Group of companies in Stanningley, Leeds, Red Dog Lining in Barnsley and Newburgh Precision in Rotherham.

    Whilst working with CQ Strategic Marketing, William has been involved in scheduling regular social media content for various clients. He has also worked on three news articles where he has written about his experience with the Cutlers’ Ambassadors and Summer Academy programme and the skills he has learnt on work experience. He has then worked on the work-wise website where he edited the page and inserted his two articles under the news category. He has the worked with Red Dog Linings, helping conduct market research to identify the correct contact with the target organisation.

    William said  “I’ve understood what is takes to manage and grow your own business and learnt many valuable skills which will be useful in later life. This experience has opened my eyes to what it is like to operate in a working environment and has given me a wider understanding of the marketing sector. This experience was extremely beneficial and will be most helpful in preparing me for the world of work.”

    Jackie Cook, Managing Director said “William has assisted in updating client social media accounts, updated ours and a clients’ website with additional content. He has assisted in preparing press releases for Summer Academy and work experience programs and has undertaken market research for one of the clients.  He has attended and contributed to business meetings in a professional, respectful and appropriate manner. William has shown initiative, good timekeeping skills and has followed instructions extremely well, picking things up quickly and asking questions where appropriate. He has got on well in our small team and with our clients and contacts.” 

    by CQ Strategic Marketing hosts Cutlers’ Ambassador on work experience

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